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Happy 25th Birthday Zara


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Some Wishes From Fam & Friends

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Mariam O

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOZO! i’m so proud of you and i hope you have the best day ever! love you so much and i miss you! ✨🎂🎉

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Happy 25th Birthday baby!!! Literally CANNOT believe you’re 25. Like wth?!? I’m still 25 so how can you be 25 😂😂

You’ve turned into an incredible woman mA. So proud of all your achievements and know there’s still so much in your future for you to achieve!! You’re one of a kind darling. Enjoy your special day. Love you loads 💖💖💖

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Happy Birthday to my little sister, you’ll always always always be my little munchkin. You have the most beautiful soul, insanely smart and you’re stunning too. Literally the whole package and more. I love you so much. You deserve everything good in this world ❤️ love you hun x bye hun x see you soon hun x



Hi Zara! Happy 25th birthday!! I actually can’t believe we’re both 25 now, seems to me like it was barely any time ago we were undergrads suffering through the pain that was biochem eng at UCL together! I’m so glad and grateful for all the happy and funny memories we have from that time, whether it was just sitting binge watching doctor who (looks like David Tennant is giving you a gift by coming back next month), you making me try ridiculously spicy food (and kindly filming my reaction), or late night library sessions and exam prep, and many more, so thank you cause it really was a great period of life! I’m always around London if you ever find yourself there and wanna catch up in person, I hope someday to get to your bit of the world when I’m no longer a broke student anymore! I hope you have the best day, lots of love - Lewis

Yellow Rose


Dear Zara 
happy 25th birthday!! i can’t believe your so old now you still have a 18yo aura to you. thank you so much for being an older sister who is always there to show me around ldn and take me out on the loveliest dates. you’ve shown me many fun adventures and inshallah many more to come. i miss having you around in portsmouth just a stones throw away. i look up to you loads and love learning from all the things you always update and teach me about (you have the hottest tea fr). may allah bring you many more blessings in the years to come. ameen. love you loads 



Safiya A

Happy birthday Zo!! ✨ May your day be adorned with joy and unforgettable moments. Here's to celebrating you, no matter the distance! Come back soon so that we can go play darts, iykyk👀🤣



Hey Zara, you're two and a half decades in now, halfway to 50, and as per ‘Leo’s law’ you have unfortunately reached the cut-off age for DiCaprio. You're funny, smart, talented, but more importantly, incredibly kind. You've achieved so much already, but I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you. Have a great birthday!




Dear Zara,

Happy 25th Birthday! Sending you lots of love from London to Dubai ❤️ I hope you have a day as fab as you are. I miss our “study” sessions and shisha dates, but I’m studying enough for the both of us and I have no doubt you’re smoking enough for the both us 😬. Wishing you many more great years ahead and I look forward to making more memories with you.

P.S. Thanks for always driving me around and doing my eyebrows 💕

Love Almira



Hey Zozo ,
Finally an adult now huh ?😂
What an amazing milestone you’ve achieved with many many unforgettable experiences. Wishing you a fantastic 25th Birthday with so much love and proudness. 
From the ups and the downs you’ve lived life to the max mashallah. Always keep doing that. 
Love you loads 



Happy quarter of a century birthday Zara hopefully see you soon. 
Love Mostafa

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Happy birthday Bulbasaur, from Yusuf



Dear Zara, hope you have a great day today and you take a moment to look back and be proud on everything you’ve achieved! It was a great time we had at university (it’s a shame that time is over now), it was really great seeing you the other day too! (though I was only allocated one day!) 

Wishing you a very happy day and looking forward to seeing you soon :)

PS roll on 10th Oct 2030

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Happy happy birthday zara.


You are truly my sister from another mister. There’s no real words to describe how important you are to me. Part sister,

Part daughter, part friend, part mother,

Part roommate. 


Keep being exactly as you are. Always laugh with your full belly, chase your dreams, know your worth and take this world for all it will give you. I’m so very proud of you and absolutely in love with you in every single way. 


If I had to choose between you or cake, I’d choose you every day.

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Well well one of my fav niece's birthday is around the corner. 

When u we're a baby ur mum used to drop u n Ma on Fridays to my shop n I loved seeing u how u used to talk in baby language to the customers from there u could see how comfortable u were 

with people and now almost 25 yrs later u have become so confident,independent beautiful and very clever. Mashallah

I am so proud of you and the sacrifices u have made by studying n working abroad, being away from ur family was too much but still made time for visits which means a lot. 

U have become a woman who is loved by near n dears. Ur confidence shows in every step u take n u r always there when needed. 

I love u very much n wish u all the best for today n always. Ameen

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Happy 25th baby girl ❤️

So proud of the beautiful human you’ve become and of all you’ve achieved. May life always be full of adventures and joyful moments love u to the moon and back

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Wow Zo! 25 years old! I still feel like you are our baby! Always stay young at heart! 

Mashallah you have grown up into a beautiful, confident amazing young lady. Never change. I’ll always be making dua for you and cheering for you from the sidelines. Love you loads ❤️

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happy quarter of a century day you pensioner! rheumatoid arthritis and back pain incoming. may this special day bring you all the happiness you deserve. i’A many more blessed years to come. your childhood and life long friend, raees :)





Dear Zara, 

Happy 25th birthday! I hope you have the most fabulous birth week celebrating and know you’ll be deservingly spoilt loads. 

It feels like yesterday when we met in a uni tutorial, spent the entire afternoon and evening together and decided to be future roomies in a single day. 

Thanks for being the best flatmate; for all the selfridges sprees (after giving up on the science library), l’eto brunches, carpool karaoke sessions and for introducing me to more cats than I would’ve ever liked to encounter. 

You made UCL not only bearable, but memorable. We managed to ace chem after an all nighter, learned more on the tube to the excel than we had the entire year. And handed in 10/10 Maths courseworks to just make it on time for a flight to Rome. 

I hope your week and the next year is filled with countless new places, exciting adventures and an abundance of celebrations. Take care, sending you so much love today and always! ❤️



Happy Birthday Zara! You are absolutely one of my most reliable and fun friends and when I think about friendship that is literally the perfect combination. I love you and miss you very much. I’ll see you soon. Johnny x

London Abstract


Happy birthday Z!!
I hope you're okay and that you have a great day, may Allah grant you many more InshaAllah 💜
Take care

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Zara… the love of my life! Happy birthday to my favorite human. I cant wait to see the amazing things youre going to do. Youre the most gorgeous, caring and intelligent friend anyone could have. I wish we lived in the same country with my whole heart for games nights everynight. I hope (i know) you get spoiled rotten today and you deserve it all! Love you endlessly, Kiana

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Dear Zara, 
Watching you grow and transform over the years has been a beautiful sight to see. You’re a brilliant daughter, friend, sister and aunt! Not only have you become a smart, sophisticated young woman, youve also cultivated interests which are really cool and fun.
Wishing you the biggest slice of happy today and always. Happy birthday, we love you loads!
Love Fawaz, Laaiqa and Rayyah xx



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Z 🥳 I was going to write you a heartfelt mesasage but felt it was more appropriate to make you this crossword puzzle instead x miss you love you, have fun climbing Everest ❤️❤️❤️



Happy Birthday, my beautiful Zara! 🎂 

You are truly incredible, both inside and out. Having you in my life is an absolute blessing. You may be my little sister, but you're also my secret friend, and I cherish the unique bond we share. Even though we don't see each other often, our connection remains strong in our own special ways. You are always in my thoughts, and I love you dearly. Here's to many more wonderful years together! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉



Dear lil Zara, I hope you’re having an amazing day, and I hope every moment leading up to this day has also been amazingness!! I hope you never forget that you’re a real one my dude, and I hope you never forget that even though I haven’t made it to Dubai yet (I promise I will soon), I still saw you 3/5 days you were in London. Even though I joined the Zara tales slightly late I will always treasure those attempts to revise in the student centre and all the runs to Starbucks, definitely is more of a unique story, just like I know the years to come for you will be. God bless you my dude, I know you have a great life and some phenomenal things ahead of you and I’m glad I’m around for it, “it’s always a good time when Zara is around” is what me and Dwayne always used to say (not really but I just wanted you to feel good about it for a moment hehe) happy birthday my dude, much love :)



Happiest 25th birthday to the sweetest girl in the world. I’m so happy our paths have crossed in this way, and I’m forever grateful to have you in my life. I love you more than words can express. You bring me so much joy and happiness every time you’re around. Here’s to many more late night drives to Salt, and more puzzles completed together ❤️🧩 

Love, Elham

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Thank you for always being a friend I can count on. Happy birthday, wish you a wonderful and successful year ahead.

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Zsauce, Zdawg, Zbae x
Happy happy birthday ❤️ Your chipmunk energy lights up the room like no other, you have such a pure heart full of love and you’re one of the kindest, friendliest, and sweetest people i know. As soon as we met i knew our sense of humour would match and we would become best friends. I’m so glad that friendship has remained strong to this day and I hope for many many more years of it ❤️ I love and miss you so much and wish we could spend your special day together. Happy birthdaaaay ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Happy birthday Zara !!! I hope you have the best day and the best year so far. You made uni so much better and I don't know what I'd have done without you. I've missed you so much and I hope to see you soon in Dubai :) love Dillon



Happy Birthday Zara! Sorry I couldn’t make the party. I hope you have a great 25th birthday! I hope the next 25 years are filled with happiness and blessings and Maybe one day you’ll beat me in monopoly. 

Best Wishes



Happy 25th Birthday, Zara! May your next year bring your happiness, prosperity, and the ability to win a game of minigolf without outside interference (but mainly the first two)!


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Congrats on turning 25 Zaraaa... 7 years of friendship from the days of IH to now. Never wavered. I've been so glad to be there with you through all that... and long may it continue. Have a blast and I'll see you soon 🥳



You’re not just a friend; you’ve become an important part of my life & i’m so thankful I have you to call my best friend. 
The speed with which I’ve come to adore you LITERALLY has made you my sister and an irreplaceable member of my family. 💖 In the blink of an eye, our connection has grown into a bond unlike any friendship I’ve ever known. We empower and uplift each other, most of the time, but the rest of the time we enable, gas each other up and live in such a delusional world together where money grows on trees 😍 

On this special day, I want to wish my beloved baby sis a happy birthday, and my biggest hope is that all your dreams come true not just this year but every year from now on. I love you with all my heart, Zara, and I cherish our friendship more than words can say. ♥️ I’m so proud of you and to know you 😘

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To my beautiful Zozo, 
You were one of the most beautiful baby I’d seen and are just as beautiful now with such a beautiful and caring heart and personality.
We are lucky to have you in our lives and you have made us so proud of all that you have become. I pray to Allah swt to continue His blessings on you, and May your life flourish and be all that you want and more Ameen 
Love you lots and hope you have a fantastic birthday x x x x
Fuima x x x x

Mini Hamburgers


Nahhh you’re really a grown woman now is actually wild, I’m still gonna see you as a kid😂. But Fr happy birthday Zara you’re acc a true light ringer and I’ve missed you a lot since you just bounce past London, I haven’t been able to keep up with you for a while but I know that with any and all bumps on the road you’re still shining everyday. Got so much love for you sis hope you have the best time!!!!

Happy birthday Zara, cant believe you are already 30 👵 time flies, inshallah many more years to come of me beating you at every game ❤️


Born in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland

OCTOBER 10th, 1998

At almost 10 to 10, on the 10th of the 10th, 1998, little Zara Ossman said her first hello to the world

Her years have seen her take steps in places near and far. From the dusty streets of Morocco, to the beaches of Portugal, the fun of Disneyland and the heights of New York. 


This set the scene for a girl who loved to hop on a plane and see the world. Travelling has been one of her most passionate pastimes, exploring different cultures, absorbing the sights, smells and sounds of our planet. 

This might have something to do with her other passion: food. Never afraid to try the strange and wonderful. She even likes her steak rare! That in itself was quite rare for a brownie. Whether it's sushi, her mum's salad cream chicken or a calorie packed desert, her smile was never far away when food was close-by.


She is also passionate about football, motor racing, cars...and her cats! Any animal in general, but cats are her soft spot. Literally can't walk past a cat without becoming besties & as much as it can be a pain at times, it's a part of her personality and one we wouldn't change.

There are some highlights that I'm sure will always be embedded in her memories forever. Most involve travelling of course, but passing her driving test at the first attempt, graduating with her Masters Degree...even being in lockdown during covid had it's fair share of memories. We can thank Michael Scott for most of them.

Zara, you are the centre of our world and we have cherished far too many memories to fit into this little mini-bio. Suffice to say, we wouldn't change you for the world and we always pray to Allah for your good health, your contentment, your happiness and that He may always bestow His blessings and imaan upon you. Always stay caring, stay passionate and compassionate and above all, enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest. We love you to the moon and back and wish you the happiest birthday evvver!! 

Love - Mum & Dad xx


Zara Ossman

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